Return Policy

Shipping Policies & Procedures

We want to ensure you receive your order in the freshest condition. Chocolate is sensitive to heat, so we take great care when shipping our products.

Please refer to the following ordering guidelines and temperature shipping restrictions to help you place your order. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us on our main line at  +91-8982712308/+91-8602228389.


General Ordering Guidelines


Outstation Orders placed after 14:00 IST will be ship the next business day. Orders are shipped out Monday-Saturday throughout the year, with orders shipping out Monday-Saturday during warmer months to ensure the quality of your order isn’t compromised by having to sit in a shipping facility over the weekend. In the event that we cannot ship your order as expected, we will get in touch with you.

Shipping Method Options:


Please note, we do same day shipping (Local Orders).

Orders placed by 15:00 IST require 1 business day for processing and will be shipped the same day (Subject to Availability of Delivery Options).


Please note, we do NOT do same day shipping (Outstation Orders).

Orders placed by 14:00 IST require 1 business day for processing and will be shipped the following day, so please allow 4-6 full business days from the time an order is placed for your product to arrive.

Temperature Shipping Restrictions

Due to the sensitive nature of chocolate, in warmer months shipping options may be limited in order to expedite shipping and preserve the quality of our products. Please keep this in mind when placing an order during warmer months.

Chocolate starts to melt at 70 degrees F. When the ship-to destination has the potential to be in the 70’s or higher, your options for shipping will be limited to ensure the integrity of the chocolate.

Large Quantities

Some of our products require a lead time when ordered in larger quantities. 5 or more of the same gift collection require a 2 business day lead time for order processing. On occasion, larger confection or specialty item orders will require an additional lead time not otherwise listed on the product pages. If there is a delay, our team will reach out to you right way to assist you with planning for the arrival of your order.

Future Delivery Dates

To place an order with a future ship date please contact us directly at (+91) 8982712308/8602228389, M-F 9am-5pm IST.


We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges, until it is physically damaged dispatched by us. If a product is damaged during transit then that risk/return is not covered by MoShik’s. Products cannot be exchanged once the order is processed.


Unattended Packages

If no one is available to receive your order upon arrival at its final destination, our carriers will leave it at the door. If this could pose a problem, we recommend shipping to an address where someone can sign for and receive your package. MoShik’s is not responsible for damage or theft incurred after delivery.

International Destination Shipping

Unfortunately, MoShik’s does not ship internationally at this time.